Friday, 6 June 2008


We borrowed some so-so camera (I admit, I still don't know all the abbreviations on it!) and "hired" my friend Craig for one afternoon. We had t buy him lunch!

The weather was of course London like- cloudy, and the sun shined when we just finished...thats why we will need to do some color and light correction in post-production.

So we found a nice busy street cafe and caught several surprised looks from passers-by. Not even mentioning that the waiters wanted to take our coke away sooo badly and the worst of all....our poor cameraman fell asleep few times in between ...with camera in his hands! Hahahaha

We also figured out on a spot that it would be great to prepare ourselves a bit better. Maybe the tripod wouldn't be bad idea, considering we need to composite 3D reneder in alpha channels onto the footage...

and the second missing thing was an invisible fishing line...for the imaginary insects to take away the can...well innovative as we are we solved that problem with our hair! :-)

It was loads of fun...our filming! I wish we did documentary about " Behind the scenes"

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