Friday, 6 June 2008

Change of IDEA...FINAL ONE?

After a bit of a creative clash of ideas and nervous discovery that things take longer than we expected, we finally sat down and agreed on a final version of the story.

The final version is a very simple gig I think very appropriate for young audience of Nickelodeon channel:

Busy streets of London. Cut to the table where two are chatting, drinking a can of JOKE COLA (!). The insects notice their preferable object of desire- which isn' t a CAN, BUT THE DRINK INSIDE! They want to steal it and finally succeed after a lot of effort.

All we needed to do is to borrow the camera and go with the flow...find the best spot and film some live action with imaginatively insects!

My own PROUD version of COKE:
(its was a really hard job to draw on the can!)

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