Friday, 6 June 2008

Change of idea.....AGAIN????!!!

We were told by Nickelodeon, that we need to work more on a story. I think they were right...these insects would need to be driven by something, they would need to have a journey.

Also there is a bit problematic to use COCA COLA sign on a can and even Can't touch this music , as we could have problems because of copy right...thats why the impact of story needs to be elsewhere than the brand products.

Luisa made another animatic while I was hardcore texturing...and I liked some parts, but not all. Thats why I decided to take few of her ideas, mach them with mine and write my own version of the new script:


Part One- Establishing the scenery – Mid day, busy streets of London


Real life action- busy streets, different camera shots, very short and exaggerated movement.



Camera pans in on the full rubbish bin aside street. On the top of rubbish bin is a CGI can of Poky Pola. Anticipation.

Part Two- Insects discover the Poky Pola can- Mid day, full trash can, inside coke can


CGI insects fly into the scenery. They stop on the top of the can. Close up.
Insects are trying to figure out what this interesting discovery, which they have never seen before actually is all about: They look at each other, shake it (the sound of liquid inside), they knock on it and listen.

While they do all that, the nearly blind bee Iris is keep nearly annoyingly flying around.


ACT 2:

Inside can. We can see spider’s head checking.

While the others are waiting outside for the report, the bee is keep flying around. She even bangs into the camera once by accident.

While all the rest are thinking what to do…Iris …blind as she is…just flies into the can!

ACT 3:

A bit of silence Insects listen outside. Suddenly we hear the great enjoyment of the bee inside, she is bathing in the joy of tasty liqid.

Insects look at each other again, then dive into the can as in Mission Impossible. The tick Hendrick stuck, so they have to push him.

Sounds of enjoyment in the can, camera pans out a bit. We can hear the sound of the street again.

Part Three – The trump grabs the can

Suddenly the lazy TRUMP passes by the rubbish bin. He looks at the can, grabs it, tries if anything left inside and …DRINKS from it!


Part 4- The conclusion- Park


Park bench in a silent city park. The same trump now sleeps in sitting position, can of Poky Pola right next to him.


Close up to his face. Suddenly a head of an insect looks out through the ear hole, another one through nose, yet another through his mouth. Iris flies straight out as usually, while the rest have a bit of problem to squeeze out, specially Hendrick needs to be pushed again.


They flight out (the same way as they came to the scenery).


Close up. Camera shows them when standing in the remote position, watching sleepy trump. They look at each other again.


ACT 5:

Close up to the can. An insect hand stretches to grab it, to take it away!

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