Thursday, 10 April 2008


Searching for a simple and effective GAG I thought of some my childhood favorite cartoons:

La Linea is very simple animation, but it always made me laugh with its sound design and I also like the interaction between animator and the character. Specially when they argue.

Lili Put Put is also an Italian 80's animation, I like the sound design here, the simplicity of the motif and also the fact that it is still educational.

Barbapapa's simple character shapes remind me of those funny Aardman Purple and Brown ones.

After all these years Stripy...still makes me laugh! The cartoon was voted as one of favorites by viewers in my country. When watching it...I just cant help myself, but laugh with him!

Love that dancing turtle:

really funny Aardman puffer fish animation.

Really like all those episodes of Aardman's Creature Comforts!



We got this brief in the end of last term and me and Luisa decided to do something about it:

Nickelodeon UK’s NickToons channel announces all new UK undergraduate animation talent search with Skillset.

Winner will scoop prestigious in-house role at Nickelodeon UK and have winning film broadcast on national TV.


NickToons UK is the UK and Ireland’s number 1 rating dedicated animation channel from the worlds’ favourite entertainment company, Nickelodeon. NickToons is the home of the best quality and funniest cartoon comedy from the UK and around the world – including the Annie Award winning SpongeBob SquarePants and BAFTA Award winning Purple and Brown from Aardman animations.

Our slogan is ‘Laugh Your Pants Off!’ and our aim is to be the funniest kids’ channel in the universe by becoming the champions of cartoon comedy. It’s cheeky, mischievous, a sucker for jokes and tries to break every rule that governs real life. Our promise to our kids - to do whatever it takes to make them laugh!

Few cartoon intros.

NickToons viewers are primarily Boys 6 to 9 years old and the NickToons channel was the #1 UK animation channel in 2007 with over 5 million individuals tuning in across the summer months. So far NickToons continues to be #1 animation channel for kids in 2008 with top rating shows SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly Odd Parents and Avatar the Legend of Aang.

A bit of a history of a channel.


We're looking to take up to 80 students from the Skillset approved animation courses in the UK through the professional pitching and treatment process to final delivery. They will be pitching to produce a 10 - 30 second funny animation short to be broadcast on NickToons which will be a valuable addition to their portfolio/ CV.

One month after the competition opens the students will be invited into Nickelodeon to pitch to a panel of creative’s, to include Creative Director of Nickelodeon UK Peter Drake and Creative Manager of NickToons Tracey Cleland. Following feedback from this session, they will return to Nick a month later where they will present their full treatments. They will then have one month to produce their final pieces.


To conceive, write and storyboard an idea for a piece of animation a minimum of 10 seconds long to a maximum of 30 seconds long. It should be character driven humour and can be any style of animation BUT the most important thing is it should make us and our audience laugh!!

Things to think about –

• Think about who your audience is and what makes them laugh
• Does your idea need to be scripted or does it just use visual humour
• Consider the use of audio - music, sound effects and voice over to enhance what you’ve created
• What style of animation would fit your idea appropriately


The Winner
The winner will receive a month’s paid internship at Nickelodeon UK over the summer holidays plus a professional audio mix for their animated piece that will air on NickToons.

The Runners Up
4 x Runners Up will each receive a professional audio mix for their animated piece that will air on NickToons.


• 9th April - Competition launches brief sent to colleges

• 6th and 7th May - Students to pitch initial ideas at Nick UK – this can be anything from a few lines to outline the story to some rough sketches.

• 12th and 13th June - Students to present full treatments – final script & storyboard at Nick UK

• 21st July - Final entries to be delivered – this should be your final animated idea with final picture and sound.

• 4th August - Winners announced (spots to appear on air and online)

• 1st September – Internship for winner to commence.


Check out the links below for information about NickToons and see examples of other animated pieces that currently air on the channel.