Friday, 9 May 2008




Beneath Your Feet is a story about a bunch of crazy insect characters, trapped in the contemporary urban landscape of London. Us – humans - are just too busy, egotistic, huge and blind to notice these little creatures that exist all around us, but they don’t care too much, just as long as the party continues!


We decided to mix live action with 3D CGI animation.

Camera’s eye notices a shaking can in the bag full of rubbish. We cut to what is happening inside: the Old Fly Teacher Matilda is having a dancing lesson! As party progresses, she goes a bit mad, forgetting her age. Mosquito Fred is clumsily trying to dance nearby her. As she is completely on fire, not even realising what is happening to her, she grabs his trunk, swings him around and then…he disappears from the scene! A moment of silence…The whole dancing floor freezes in the position, then they turn into the direction of the “flight”, except Matilda, she is just slowly realising what happened, still in the frozen position. Then they look at each other…suddenly…start to laugh (each one with their own crazy sound), the music comes back again- and The Party goes on!!! The sequence finishes with the life action sequence of the same Coke can. The insects fly out, looking forward to another crazy adventure.

Although the story has a potential of several sequels; for example- they could have swimming lessons in a local puddle, Photo session on London Bridge, … We chose to do the Crazy dance lesson in an empty can of Coke in the middle of the busiest street in London.

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