Friday, 9 May 2008


After Luisa worked out in ANIMATIC how the thing with super stupid Mosquito banging into the glass for million times actually doesn't really work in 30 sec, we changed the plan again!

I went back to my drawing board and created the whole bunch of "SPECIAL INSECTS"! Im not exactly sure where I gt idea from, I usually just doodle for a while and here we go until ...I find the shape pleasant enough for aesthetic eye to develop it further into something more defined and well structured. I have the whole production process in mind when Im creating them... "How could I model that...what about it simple enough to animate this...what kind of environment this could function in..." I take all of these in consideration when creating character design.

Fred is a clumsy mosquito, born with a bit of a dodgy wing, which prevents him flying with the same “rhythm” as all the rest of his kind. His trunk is too huge to drink and he needs constant help to unfold it.

Matilda is a very old fly, an elderly teacher, but still too active to take her much deserved pension and leave her beloved students on their own.

Alireza is a spider with uncertain amount of eyes which does not obey the brain too well.

Hendrick is a grumpy tick, he is just moaning and complaining about everything, but it still wouldn’t be much fun without him!

Iris is a nearly blind bee, she is always there, but never knows exactly what is going on. She also helps Fred with feeding- but only- if she finds him!

Bob is a dragonfly, he is just simply- dumb.

Ed is a grasshopper with a way too complicated pair of legs to control them properly.

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